Shubham Kumar Sharma
Shubham Kumar Sharma

Shubham Kumar Sharma

I am a big believer in data science and always play bullish for all the hidden things revealed by data. I share every bit of information I am learning, with the community.
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Who is Shubham Kumar Sharma?
I am a mechanical engineer turned data scientist. I am currently delving into Machine Learning and Data Visualization and currently working as a Data Scientist.
My core areas of interest include machine learning, predictive analytics, and data analytics. I am also well-versed in programming languages such as Python, Git, and SQL. I am always eager to explore new data-driven technologies and to develop my skills as a data scientist. Thank you for taking the time to look over my about section.


Sharing everything on a single page is a bit weighty (and a bit impractical as well), so Iโ€™ve purposely dedicated different pages for the same. Feel free to go into more detail.
๐Ÿ“– Blogs


I am pretty much available on almost every data-science portfolio by the username of @shubhamtheds. Besides this I also share everything about data science as I go; so feel free to follow me on all the social media channels.
  • Hashnode for my blogs and learning resources.
  • Kaggle for data exploration and practice.
  • And lastly, this site to stay about my online presence.


I am very thankful to all my instructors, professors, and friends, whose resources/books/material and work helped me become a data scientist. I am very grateful to the Data Science Open Source community and everyone in general, for helping me learn real-world problems from code.
In particular, these tools have played an important role in helping me become productive.
  • My note-taking app Notion, to-do manager, and the CRM powering this site.
  • Vercel for the deployment of this site.
  • Icons used on this site from Icons8.
  • Og-image to generate open graph images.

A Big Thanks

๐Ÿ˜€ For spending your time checking my portfolio. In case you happen to do so, donโ€™t forget to mention me in your tweet.

For suggestions, promotions, hiring impetus, or just having a discussion over a coffee you can mail me at